2015 Athens Presentations


The WEI International Academic Conference Proceedings
March 19-21, 2015 in Athens, Greece


Business & Economics and Management

The Improvement Of The Mechanisms Of The Control Exercised By Statutory Auditor Within The Limited Company In Morocco PDF
Maha Amgaad, M'hamed segame
District As A Model Of Local Government Reform In Albania PDF
Arben Hysi
Increasing The Size Of Local Government Is A General Trend In European Countries PDF
Arben Hysi
Grey Relational Analysis Based Ranking Of Latin American And Caribbean Economies PDF
Bahadır Fatih Yıldırım, Ali Hepşen, Emrah Önder
Image And Marketing Of Paddy: A Case Of Rice Millers In Malaysia PDF
Barudin Muhamad
Successful Implementation Of Npd: A Descriptive Framework PDF
Esmaeil Hasanpour Ghoroghchi
Measuring The Productivity Of A Mainly Foreign Owned Banking Sector Using Non-Parametric Approach; Case Of Albania  PDF
Lindita VARESI
External Trade Of The Małopolska Region (Poland) 2011-2013 PDF
Marcin Kopeć, Rafał Poniewski 
Twitter And Financial Markets PDF
Muktamala Chakrabarti, Asim Kumar Pal, Ashok Banerjee
Health Education Planning In Marketing Perspective Using Conjoint Analysis PDF
Nihat Taş, Nil Kodaz Engizek, Emrah Önder, Güler Önder,
Employees’ Intention To Share Knowledge: The Egyptian Banking Industry PDF
Niveen El Saghier, Laila Wahba, Rasha Abdel Aziz
External Trade Of The Małopolska Region (Poland) 2011-2013 PDF
Rafał Poniewski, Marcin Kopeć
Do Fear Of Success And Work Family Conflict Adversely Impact Affective Commitment: The Role Of Self-Efficacy And Intrinsic Motivation PDF
Zachary Sheaffer

Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Using Technology For Developing Esl Students' Reading Comprehension And Motivation PDF
Alia Raja Alfaleh
Political Socialization Of Youth In Latvia PDF
Anita Stasulane
Automatic Confirmation Of Connotation Words PDF
Atilla Suncak, Özlem Aktaş, Çağdaş Can Birant
Importance of economic education for job mobility of graduates From non-economic faculties PDF
Marta Matulčíková – Daniela Breveníková
Issues In Teaching English In An Esp Context: The Case Of Computer Science PDF
Djaileb Farida
Incidental Vocabulary Learning By Using Cultural And Traditional Based Texts For Reading PDF
Gladwin George
Political And Civic Narratives Of The Latvian Muslim Youth PDF
Jānis Priede
Talfiq As An Alternative To Existing Primary Sources Of Islamic Law: Review Of Its Positive And Negative Aspects PDF
Mohd hafiz jamaludin
Challenges Of Rice Straw Agribusiness Development: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective PDF
Rosmiza MZ, Rosniza Aznie CR, Davies WP
Employment salary of romanian higher education state system teachers. An evolution analysis between 2007-2015 PDF
Roxana, Elena Teodoroiu
Linking Religions With Trade Networks And Their Marketing Infrastructure In Asia PDF
Ruchi Agarwal
Investigating Preparatory Year Students' Recognition Of Universal Values At University Of Tabuk PDF
Saud M. Alshammary
The Impact Of Simulation On Students’ Learning & Performance In Blended Format, A Comparison Between Business And Engineering Students PDF
Shahbaz Shabbir Gill
Myanmar’s Rohingya: Culture, Violence And Human Rights Abuses PDF
William J. Jones
A Reflection On Why and How The Use of Advertisements Can Enable Language Learning in The EFL Classroom PDF
Maria Stamatelou