2014 Budapest Presentations

The WEI International Academic Conference Proceedings
June 22-25, 2014, Budapest, Hungary


Business & Economics and Management

Exporting In Central And Eastern European (Cee) Countries: A Model Of Export Information Collection, Analysis And Usage PDF
Călin Gurău, Ashok Ranchhod 
Firm Heterogeneity And Export Margins – Evidence From Firm-Transaction Matched Data   PDF
Chih-Hai Yang, Meng-Wen Tsou, Ming-Huan Liou, Shi-Shu Peng
Organizational Misbehavior: A Research About Perceptions Of Managers And Employees In Banking Sector PDF
Deniz Hoşbay
The Renewable Energy And Growth: Evidence For Turkey Using Environmental Kuznets Curve Model PDF
Gülden Bölük, Mehmet Mert
The Relationship Between Organizational Learning And Financial Performance: A Study Of Small-Sized Businesses In Turkey PDF
Metin Kaplan, Adem Öğüt, D. Mehmet Biçkes, Asli Kaplan
Consumer behavior, with the infusion of luxury and technology: A research on changing consumer lifestyle  PDF
Khurram Shehzad Aslam, Abid Imam, Hazoor Muhammad Sabir

Examining The Impact Of Organizational Justice Perception On Organizational Silence

M. Faruk Özçınar, Yavuz Demirel, B. Dilek Özbelek
Incorporating Activity-Based Costing/Management Into The Results-Based Budgeting Technique: A Bulletproof Anti-Corruption Management Control Tool: A Case Study PDF
Juan J. Segovia
The Relatıonshıp Between Burnout Syndrome And Turnover Intentıon: A Revıew Of Lıterature PDF
Mehmet Sahin, Alper Ates, Agah T. Korucu, Ceyhun C. Kilinc
Influence Of Foreign Export Spillovers To Export Scope And Price: Evidence From Chinese Electronics Exporters PDF
Chih-Hai Yang, Meng-Wen Tsou
Social presence for online shopping success: A review and agenda for future research PDF
Khaled Hassanein, Milena Head
Performance Appraisal Process In Libyan Public Organisations: An Exploratory Study PDF
Mohamed Lawaj
Ict In Rural India: Elucidating Barriers And Creating Opportunities PDF
Mukesh Ranga, Priyanka Pradhan
Evaluation Of Service Supply Chain Performance Criteria With Danp Method PDF
Onur Ozveri, Pembe Guclu, Ejder Aycin
The Usage Of Mcdm Technıques In Faılure Mode And Effect Analysıs PDF
Onur Özveri, Muhammed Kabak
Japanese’s Interest To Participate In Agro-Tourism In Chiang Mai Province, Thailand PDF
Pichayalak Pichayakul
Motivation to lead: linking leader regulatory focus, leadership behaviors, And motivational and cultural moderators PDF
T.K. Peng
A Study On Thai Voters’ Attitude Towards Political Marketing And Branding: A Case Of The Democrat And Pheu Thai Parties, Thailand PDF
Wissawas Thongteerapharb
The Relationship Between Work Environment And Mobbing PDF

Yavuz Demirel, Zeliha Seçkin 

Female-Male Wage Inequality In Employment And Its Reasons PDF

Yeşim Kubar

The Role of Human Capital in the Host Economy on Inward FDI in the Devoloping Countries PDF

Mumtaz Hussain Shah

Education and Teaching

Leveraging knowledge through communities of practice: Balancing the duality of participation and reification PDF

Eric Cheng

Using Facebook Group To Facilitate Teaching English For Everyday Communication PDF
Kesinee Srirat
Teaching otherness in postsecondary professionalizing programs: A pilot study in police technology PDF
Mariane Gazaille, Jean-Nil Boucher, Louis Gosselin
The Creating Of Enrichment Curriculum To Enhance Information Communication Technology (ICT) Competency Before Professional Internship For Students Of Sirindhorn College Of Public Health, Phitsanulok PDF
Jitti Nissayan, Sakda Saksripanich, Petcharee Kunalasiri
Survey the landscape of elt in thailand: Offering new possibility for change PDF
Phongsakorn Methitham
Performance Assessment For Teaching Business Ethics PDF

Shihping Kevin Huang

Humanities and Social Sciences

The Presentation Of Closing Case Of Political Party In Turkish Print Media: Example Of Dtp And Rp PDF
Abdulkadir Gölcü
Time And Space In The Film Yahsi Bati PDF
Abdullah Mert
Contribution Of Social Media To Agenda Setting Approach PDF
Adem Demirsoy, Enderhan Karakoç
Administrative Styles Of Mayors And Citizens’ Perception Of Satisfaction With Local Government Services: The Case Of Selçuklu Sub-Provincial Municipality PDF
Ali Sahin, Yasin Taspinar
The Potential Anti Helicobacter Pylori And Antioxidant Effects Of Artemisia Judaica  PDF
Mohammed Adel El-Sayed, Radwan Ba-abbad, Amal Baalash, Nasser A. Al-Hemdan, Abdullah Softah
Cities, towns and rural industrialisation: Revisiting the chinese development debate PDF
Andrew M. Marton
The Weaknesses Of Kosovo Penal Code Regarding The Penal Responsibility Of The Legal Persons In The Sphere Of The Business Relations PDF

Armand Krasniqi

The Efficacy Of Using Promotional Models To Market Alcohol Products In The United States PDF

Sara Snitselaar, András Margitay-Becht

In European Union Market, Competitive Power Of Turkish Cereal Sector PDF

Ayse Esra Peker, Orhan Coban

Kosova/O And The European Integration Challenges

Bashkim Rrahmani 
Paper Submission For Individual Presentation PDF
David Elijah Bell
Tittle Of The Study: The Basic Principles And Features Of The Cittaslow Movement In Tourism PDF
Ceyhun C.Kilinc, Alper Ates, Mehmet Sahin, Agah T. Korucu
Folk Adage In The Biji Of Tang Dynasty PDF
TSE, Yiu Kay
Ethical Challenges: Research On Intimate Partner Violence Experiences Of Pregnant Immigrant Women PDF

Christine A. Walsh

Preserving intellectual legacy: Generativity themes in the narratives of Retired academics PDF
Eleanor M. Lemmer
Utopia In Turkish Thought: Construction Of Heaven-Spaces PDF
Elifhan Kose
Teaching And Educating Methods Of Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder PDF
Elsayed S. Elkhamisi
Social Movements And Social Media In The Context Of Theory Of Spiral Of Silence PDF
Enderhan Karakoç, Onur taydaş
Level Of Democracy In Turkey Under The Discussions Of Measurability Of Democracy PDF
Gülise Gökçe
Non-Governmental Organizations (Ngos) As Means Of More Efficient And Democratic Service Delivery PDF
Hülya Eski Uguz
A Critical View On The Social Impact Process (Sia): Current Problems And Recommendations For Increasing The Quality Of Sia PDF
Koray Değirmenci, Oltan Evcimen
Some Preliminary Thoughts On Developing A Chinese Language Exit Test For The University Graduates Of Hong Kong PDF
LAM, Hon Sing
Migration, resettlement, racialization, and well-being Perspectives from immigrant men in canada PDF
Liza Lorenzetti, Christine A. Walsh, Kyle D. Mack, Vic Lantion, Binu Sebastian, Pol Ngeth, Abbas Mancey
The Contract Of Selling And Its Regulation With The Kosovo Law On Obligation Relations – Its Harmonization With The Vienna Convention  PDF
Majlinda Belegu
Future Anxiety And Optimism Among Gifted Students Parents PDF
Mohammad Jamalallail
Recreational Forest Landscape Maintenance: An Observation On Selected Recreational Forest Sites In Hungary PDF
Mohd Kher Hussein
Importance Of Crisis Management For Public Administration: The Practice In Turkish Public Administration PDF
Ömer Faruk Tekin
Perceptions Or Expectations On The Results Of Election And Possible Affects Thereof On Electorate Behavior  PDF
Orhan Gökce
Visual Identity: Image Representation Of Thai Rice Culture PDF
Rattapol Chaiyarat
The Intermediary Institution Of Political Socialization: People’s Houses PDF
Rukiye Saygılı
Change In Public Administration And Ombudsman: Functionality Of Ombudsman In Turkey PDF
Selcuk Aslan
Inheritance Of Ancestral Worship And/Or Properties The Application Of The Classical Chinese Language In The PDF
SOO, Yiu Chung
Folk Adage In The Biji Of Tang Dynasty PDF
TSE, Yiu Kay
Measuring The Political Identities Of Cities Over The Voting Behavior: Sample Of The Province Konya PDF
Vahap Göksu
The Relationship Between Ethical Climate And Ethic Positions In Public Institutions: A Field Study PDF
Yasin Taspinar, Ali Sahin