2016 Barcelona Presentations


The WEI International Academic Conference Proceedings
March 7-9, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain


Business & Economics and Management

Implementation of TQM In Public Universities of Saudi Arabia: Challenges and Resolutions PDF
Abdul Rahman Ghassan Alseddiqi
The Influence of Competition on the Financial Stability of Banks in the GCC Countries PDF
Aktham I. Maghyereh, Basel Awartani 
Uncsd Rio+20 Focal Point on the Libyan Economy and Role of Yoga PDF
Almotasim Bellah S Abolifa, Salem Abulifa, S.P.Bindra
Directorial Accountability and Shareholders’ Interests: A Critical Assessment PDF
Ernest Lim
Paradoxical Strategic Behavior in Negotiation PDF
Ichiro Ebina
Population Aging, Higher Education and Labor Productivity: Evidence From Japanese Prefecture Panel Data PDF
Keiji Hashimoto
Cross-Selling Through Mobile Applications at Airports PDF
Lázaro Florido-Benítez
Economics of Urban Economic Heritage Areas PDF
Marwa Fahmy Abd El Alim
Intellectual Property Rights, Quality of Institutions, and FDI Into Developing Countries PDF
Minsoo Lee, Joseph D. Alba, Donghyun Park
Country of Origin Can Improve Product Preformance PDF
Moty Amar, Dan Ariely, Maya Bar-Hilel, Chazy Ofir, Ziv Carmon
Consumer Perception to Mobile Commerce PDF
Neeru Kapoor
Analytical Process for Anomaly Detection in Forensics PDF
Nitin Singh
Exchange Rate Pass Through in Emerging Countries: The Case of Turkey PDF
Successful Leadership Components: A Qualitative Approach PDF
Raed Ismail Ababneh
Evidential Reasoning-Based QFD to Improve Service Quality of Diagnostic Radiology Under Uncertainty PDF
Shabnam Jahangiri, Abolfazl Mirzazadeh, Aref Gholami-Qadikolaei
Predicting Box Office from the Screenplay: A Text Analytical Approach PDF
Starling David Hunter, Susan Smith, Saba Singh
Study of the Trust Factors Hierarchy in Indian Ecommerce PDF
Sushila Madan
Power, Self-Construal, and Brand Preferences PDF
Umut Kubat, Vanitha Swaminathan
The Role of Cultural Identity on Energy Saving Behavior PDF
Umut Kubat, Zeynep Gürhan-Canli
Optimal R&D Policies Under Process and Product R&D PDF
Yumiko Taba

Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

A Genre Analysis of Hotel Responses to ‘Possitive Reviews’: Evidence from Tripadvisor.com PDF
Athip Thumvichit
Effects and Difficulties of "Inquiry Mentor" Program for Improvement of Pre-Service Science Teacher's Inquiry Teaching Ability PDF
Bongwoo Lee, Heekyong Kim
Soft Power and Japan-Qatar Relations PDF
Curtis Andressen
Isolation, Identification and Antibacterial Agents Resistance Among Enterobacteriaceae SPP. In fish of the Eastern Mediterranean
Fatih Matyar
Pathway from Eqavet to Nqavet PDF
İbrahim Cetinkaya, Ali Rashidi, Roger Van de Winkel
The Reality of Using the Management Information Systems (MIS) in Emerging Saudi Universities According to the Standpoint of the Administrative and Academic Leaders PDF
Mansour Bin Zaid Ibrahim Al-Khathlan
Intercultural Twinnings in the Language Classroom: Example of a Match Between Native and Non-Native Speakers. PDF
Marie-Cécile Guillot
Social Story Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Meta-Analysis PDF
Metehan Kutlu, Onur Kurt
Integrated Science and Mathematics: Does it Fortify Instruction of 'Force and Motion'? PDF
Ozden Deveci, Muzaffer Ozcan
Realist Constructivism & Science Education PDF
Richard S. Prawat, Theodore R. Prawat
Lying, Tigers, and Cannibals! Oh My! PDF
Roger Davis
Geo-Cultural and Legal Insights into The Ongoing Debates within the Roman and Anglican Communions PDF
Rutherford Cd. Johnson
‘A World of Terror’: Dystopia and Trauma in Edward Bond’s Chair PDF
Susana Nicolás Román
Developing A Mobile Application to Support Students’ Learning within the Flipped Learning Pedagogical Model PDF
Walid A. Aboraya, Mohamed A. Alket
Managing Egyptian Tourism Through Tourism Governance PDF
Yasmine Ramzy
Dispositions Towards Mathematics: Elementary Pre-Service Teachers in the Middle East PDF
Yazan Alghazo