2017 Barcelona Presentations


The WEI International Academic Conference Proceedings
January 23-25, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain


Business & Economics and Management

The Impact of Model Specification on the Hedonic Indexes for Heterogeneous Goods PDF
Anna Król
Underpayment versus Overpayment: How Does Corporate Governance Quality Affect CEO Pay? PDF
Ernest Gyapong
Why Do People Donate? PDF
Hyo-Jin Jeong, Dong-Mo Koo, Jeong-Woo Kim
Wage Dispersion, Labor Market Duality and Youth Unemployment – the Case of South Korea PDF
Hyung-Jai Choi
The Public Library Strategic Orientation in Tourist Destination: Managing the Complexity of Community and Tourism Orientation PDF
Irina Karuza, Aleksandra Krajnovic, Ivona Mikulandra Volic
Budget Management in Self-Government – Polish Case PDF
Marzena Piszczek
Role of Brands in Construction of National Identity PDF
Sana Imran
Board Characteristics of Listed Companies in the US and China PDF
Wenge Wang

Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

A Study of Factors Influencing Happiness of Adolescent's in the Community Child Center PDF
Anna You, Namhee Kim, Soim Lee, Myeongsook Yoon
The Postcolonial Moroccan Novel: Between Experimentalism and Realism PDF
Anouar El Younssi
Print Media Exposure and Uses among University Students in Thailand PDF
Anucha Thirakanont
Eight Weeks of Moderate Exercise Attenuates Impairment of Emotion and Cognition in Sleep Deprivation Rat: A Pilot Study PDF
Cheng-Chen Hsu
The Power of Hope: The Relation of Psychological Health and Social Participation among Injured Workers PDF
Eun-sil YI, Mi-ok KIM
The New Morphology of European Film Festivals (Case Study: Transilvania International Film Festival) PDF
Ileana Nicoleta Salcudean
The Role of Emotion Regulation and Dispositional Mindfulness in the Performance of Young Basketball Players PDF
K. Csókási, A. Apró, M. Káplár, S. Teleki, E. C. Kiss
Measuring Language Performance: Complexity, Accuracy and Fluency Measures PDF
Laurence Craven
Intuition and Abstract Thinking in Learning and Understanding PDF
M. Káplár, L. Dézma, S. Teleki, K. Csókási, E. C. Kiss
The Issue about the Author of the “Hagiography of Peter the Iberian” PDF
Marika Chachibaia
Visual Social Awareness in Indian Society PDF
Milind Dhobley
Mediating Effects of SNS Fatigue between Relationship SNS Addiction and Depression in the Middle-Aged Koreans in Their 40s PDF
Nam-Hee, Kim, Myeong-Sook, Yoon, Mi-Ok, Kim, Ji-hye, Kim
Discriminant Analysis of Factors Affecting the Classification Groups of Employed and Unemployed Recent Graduates, Year 2015. Case Study: The Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasat University PDF
Penkhae Hickinbottom, Samran Muntup, Benjamas Tulyanitikul
Strategic Mentoring as a Culturally Responsive Approach for Mentoring Fatherless Black Boys PDF
Quintin L. Robinson, D. Yan Searcy
Estimation of Physical Health State of the First Year Secondary Pupils PDF
Rida Trad, Mazen Mroueh
Motivation and Procrastination of Japanese EFL Learners PDF
Ryusuke Yamato
Modifying Inadequate Illness Perceptions of Cardiac Patients: Possible Ways to Improve Health Status through Education PDF
S. Teleki, K. Csókási, M. Káplár, I. Tiringer, E. C. Kiss
The Voice of ‘The Other’: RabindranathTagore’s Insights on Creative Learning PDF
Sanjoy Mukherjee
Motivation to Travel and Tourism Behavior of Foreign Students in Thailand PDF
Sujittra Chaijan