2016 Vienna Presentations


The WEI International Academic Conference Proceedings
April 11-15, 2016 in Vienna, Austria


Business & Economics and Management

Absorptive Capacity and Firm Performance in Turkey PDF
Asli Yilmaz
Macroeconomic Impacts of Global Food Price Shocks on the Economy of Turkey PDF
Ayhan Kapusuzoglu, Nildag Basak Ceylan
Causal Relationship Between Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis of EU-28 Countries PDF
Aynur Pala, Bilgin Orhan Örgün
The International Accounting Standards Adoption and Accounting Quality: An Overview of Turkey PDF
Fatma Ulucan Ozkul, Basak Erdem Rena
The Analysis of Effıciency of Inflation Targeting in Turkey PDF
Bilgin Bari
Influence of Job Satisfaction, Professional Commitment and Professional Organization Citizenship Behavior of Tax Auditors in Thailand PDF
Chairung Chaikambang
Transformational Leadership Behavior and Mindfulness: Evidence Among Austrian MBA Graduates PDF
Dirk Ulmcke
Perceived Organizational Politics Influences on Organizational Commitment Among Supporting Staff Members at a Selected Higher Education Institution PDF
Mabasa Fumani Donald, Letsoalo Bertha, Mabasa Engetani Lucia
The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Among Academic Staff Members in a Selected Higher Education Institution PDF
Mabasa Fumani Donald, Mabasa Engetani Lucia, Netshidzivhani Mmbegeni Victor
UAE Culture: Effects on Expatriate Leaders’ Management PDF
Hanan AlMazrouei
Female Labour Force Participation: The Case of Macedonia PDF
Hyrije Abazi, Viktorija Atanasovska
Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Domestic Prices: The Turkish Case (2002-2014) PDF
İlyas Şıklar, Merve Kocaman, Sevcan Kapkara
Exploring Workplace Bullying in Public Hospitals: A Study Among Nurses in Jordan PDF
Imad Mohmad Al Muala, Hassan Ali
Design Management as the Effect of Evolution of Consumers' Aesthetics PDF
Katarzyna Caban-Piaskowska
The Role of the EU Funds in the Achievement of the Europe 2020 Strategic Targets in Poland PDF
Katarzyna Czech
Relationship Between Quality and Competence of Supervisory Board Activities and Corporate Governance PDF
Knut J. Michelberger
Fayol Versus Zaruski – Comparative Approach to Management Principles PDF
Magdalena Zalewska-Turzynska
Trade in High-Tech Products Between the European Union and China PDF
Małgorzata Fronczek
Fixed Investment, Inventories and Working Capital in Eurozone Smes During the Debt Crisis PDF
Mary-Paz Arrieta Paredes
Influence of Dividend Announcements, Earnings Announcements and Stock Prices of Listed Firms in the Stock Exchange of Thailand PDF
Napaporn Shupkulmongkol
Conflict and Negotiation at Workplace PDF
Nihal Mamatoglu
‘Space Experience’ – Consumer Behaviour Analyzis and Eye Tracking Research in an Art Exhibition Space PDF
Orsolya Süle, Édua Vági, Sándor Tóth, Marcell Kondics, Gábor László Vizúr, Nóra Géczy
The Impact of Technological and Globalization Changes on Human Resource Management “A Case Study on Jordanian Telecommunication Companies” PDF
Osama Samih Shaban
The Impact of Engagement at Work on Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation PDF
Patrick Guggenberger
Salary, Welfare and the Quality of life of Alienate Labors: The Case Study of Cambodia Labors in Thailand PDF
Rapheephan Phong-inwong, Nuttawut Chookhaun, Kedmanee Karin
Augmented and Virtual Reality the New Silver Bullet of Marketing?
-An Overview of Applications with the Aida Model
Roger Seiler, Michael Klaas
Effect of Factors of Organization Innovation and Organizational Strategic Flexibility on Firm Performance: An Empirical Study of Thai Electronics Spare Part Manufacturing Businesses PDF
Saowaluk Jitnom
Vertical and Horizontal Intra-Industry Trade in Turkey PDF
Sevilay Küçüksakarya
A Conceptual Model of Creating Shared Value Strategy, Business Competitiveness and Firm Success PDF
Srisunan Prasertsang
Non-Discrimination Principles and the Need for the Special Treatment of older Employees (Considerations Based on Polish Legal Regulations) PDF
Tatiana Wrocławska
Understanding Service Quality and Service Loyalty: An Empirical Study of Mobile Phone Network Service in the Central Region of Thailand PDF
Wasutida Nurittamont
The Effect of Unequal Salary Scale on Human Resources’ Turnover PDF
Ziad Alzubi
Clinicians in the New Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGS) in England: Masters of all Trades? PDF
Zlatinka Blaber, Pinar Guven-Uslu, Pawan Adhikari

Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Arab College Students' Reflection on their Experience in Academy-Class Practical Work in Two Junior High Schools in the Arab Society in Israel PDF
Ahmad Amer, Nael Easa , Saleem Abu Jaber,
Investıgation of Teacher Candidates’ Opinions on Teaching Profession PDF
Aliye Erdem, E. Seda Koç
Loneliness, Marriage and Loss PDF
Ami Rokach
Technology, Uses and Abuses and Value System: Debate and Dialogue PDF
Amita Valmiki
“Languages in Contemporary Georgia” PDF
Ana Bakanidze
The Adult Learner’s Perspective on the Empirical Journey PDF
Angela Wright
Reflections on Teaching Humane Dimensions of Educational Leadership PDF
David R. Hostetler
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Plates in the Methods of İntaglio PDF
Elif Feyza Ulu
Education in Process Leadership for Diversity – Evaluation and Action Research PDF
Elisabeth C Andersson
Effects of Systematic Learning on the Achievements of Students in Social Studies Course PDF
E. Seda Koç, Aliye Erdem
Proverbs and Rare Words in the Lives of the Saints, According to the Metaphrastic Menologion (Interdisciplinary Approach) PDF
Emmanouil Doundoulakis
Selling the Creative Cities by Cultural Planning: ‘Destination Dubai’ as a Case Study. PDF
Esmat Zaidan
A Sociology-Based Educational Model Practice to Enhance Creative Thinking Skills of Children PDF
Göksu Gözen, Defne Kaya
Turkish and Italian art Teachers’ Views, Experiences and Self-Reported Competencies on the Educational Assessment Practices in Arts PDF
Göksu Gözen, Annamaria Contini, Chiara Bertolini
Reforming and Modernising the Public Administration in Kosovo PDF
Hysni Bajrami
Personal and Career Evolution of Academic Women PDF
George Marian Ichim
The Influence of Self-Safety on the Attitude Towards the Learning Process at Romanian Preadolescents PDF
Ionela Roxana Urea
The Effect of Prosody Teaching on Developing Word Recognition Skills for Interpreter Trainees: An Experimental Study PDF
Mahmood Yenkimaleki, Vincent J. van Heuven
Effect of Explicit Teaching of Prosodic Features on the Development of Listening Comprehension by Farsi-English Interpreter Trainees: An Experimental Study PDF
Mahmood Yenkimaleki, Vincent J. van Heuven
Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Using ICT in the Classroom PDF
Majed Ali Alsharidah
Confucius Institute: A Compelling Collaboration PDF
Mary K Pyle
The Relationship Between Self-Control, Frustration Resistance, Extroversion and Work Satisfaction PDF
Mihaela Chraif
Physical and Virtual Experiments in Science Education: Attitudes and Intentions of Israeli Prospective Science Teachers PDF
Nael Issa, Ahmad Amer,
Commitment with Children To EFL Teaching PDF
Naziha Benosmane
Environment Versus Development in Indian Courts PDF
Sunil Asopa, Neelam Kadyan
The Impact of Ultraconservative Readings on the Reception of Contemporary Saudi Novels PDF
Noura Algahtani
Health Promotion for the Aging in Communİty: A Case Study İn loei Province, Thailand PDF
Patthira Phon-Ngam
Workplace Well-Being: Mental and Psychological Health and Safety of Non-Unionised and Unionised Employees PDF
Peter O’Mahony, Dr Angela Wright
Similar Sex – Unnatural Condition for Marriage PDF
Sevdai Morina, Burim Kryeziu
The Flying Island of Laputa in Gulliver’s Travels and its Post-Newtonian Departure From the Earlier Flying Engines PDF
Siyeon Lee
Stylistics Within EFL Contexts: Points to Ponder PDF
Suhair Al Alami
Non-Discrimination Principles and the Need for the Special Treatment of Older Employees (Considerations Based on Polish Legal Regulations) PDF
Tatiana Wrocławska
Kansai's Citizens' Marathon Meets and Newspaper Reports PDF
Yasuo Shimizu
Performance-Based Assessment: A Shift Towards an Assessment for Learning Culture PDF
Zineb Djoub
The Function of Noun Phrases Between Albanian and English PDF
Shkelqim Millaku