2017 Vienna Presentations


The WEI International Academic Conference Proceedings
April 24-26, 2017 in Vienna, Austria


Business & Economics and Management

Do Oil prices Affect Current Account Asymmetrically?  Non Linear ARDL Approach PDF
A. Yasemin Yalta, Ayşen Araç
Towards a Better Understanding of the Chinese Investments in Africa PDF
Alexis Abodohoui, Zhan Su
Effects of Implementing Statistical Process Control Techniques on Total Quality Management in a Nitrocellulose Factory PDF
Go Hand in Hand: Mobile Payment in Everyday Life PDF
Chien-Chi, Huang, Shu-Hua, Wu, Edward C.S, Ku
Determinants of Non-performing Loans in Kazakhstan PDF
Dana Muratbek
The Role of Online and Offline Factors in Retail Banking: The Case of Kuwait PDF
Dhoha AlSaleh
Oil Prices and Real Exchange Rates PDF
Dinara Alpysbayeva
Wayfinding Strategies and Performance of Apps for Recommendation Intention: A Case Study of Airbnb PDF
Edward C.S. Ku, Ling-Ling Liu, Lou-Hon Sunc
Investigating the Empirical Linkage of Stock Returns, Return Volatility and Trading Volume with an Asynchronous Regime Switching GO GARCH PDF
Hsiang-Tai Lee
The Effects of Perceived Role, Career, Goal and Performance Ambiguity on Employee's Performance PDF
Kurtuluş Kaymaz, Umut Eroğlu, Özge Kirişçi
Management of Chinese Returnees PDF
Lingfang Song
Comparison of Austrian Supermarkets Goal Attainment via DEA PDF
Nicolai Sinik
A Study of Mobile Application Quality and Relative Advantage to Intention to Use PDF
Shu-Hua, Wu, Edward C.S, Ku, Zhi-Kai, Zhang
New Era of Corporate Conversation PDF
T K Mozumdar, A K Ghosh
A Note On Bond Prices In The Vasicek Model PDF
Ghada Alobaidi

Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Child Participation in School - Croatian Context PDF
Anja Mirosavljević, Ivana Jeđud Borić, Valentina Kranželić
Education and Ideology in Latin America PDF
Angela Vidal Gandra Martins
The Interdisciplinary Approach in Design:  The Relationship of Graphic Design and Architecture PDF
A. Mehtap Sağocak
The Differences in Spatial Visual Intelligence and General Intelligence According to the Age and Gender of Kindergarten Children in the State of Kuwait PDF
Bashayer KH. M. Hussain, Larbi Ben Lafkih, Najat Alhamdan
The Effect of Creative Problem Solving Based Program on Improving Self-Concept and Self-Efficacy among Gifted and Non-gifted Intermediate Stage Female Students PDF
Bodour S. M. N. E. Almutairi, Mousa M. Alnabhan, Emad A. Alzeghoul
Gender Differences in Displaying Emoticons and Social Roles through a Social Messaging Line App PDF
Chih-Ping Che
Autonomy of Learning by Competences PDF
Daniela Nistor
Probiotic and Prebiotic Containing (Simbiotic) New Generation Ice Cream Production and Brand Formation Process: Uludag University Students’ Applications PDF
Engin Yılmaz, A. Mehtap Sağocak
Differences in Assessments of Inclusion, Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Teachers toward Transition Services for People with Mild Intellectual Disability in Bahrain PDF
Fatema Ghanem Juma Alatawi, Maryam Isa Alshirawi, Elsayed Saad Elkhamisi
Blended Learning Instructional Method for High School Students PDF
Geeta Satish Raut
The Paradoxical Perspective of Chinese Family Counseling Model: The Construction of Culture Inclusive Theory PDF
Huang, Tsung-Chain, Wu, Dong-Tann
Analysis of Cannabis Product Advertisements in Colorado PDF
Joanne Gula, Jiaxi Shen
Cultural Heritage of Indian Epic Ramayana PDF
Jyotsna Chattopadhyay
A Case Study of Creative Art Therapy Intervention: An Phenomenological Approach PDF
Mei-I Chen, Tsung-Chain Huang
Transcendent Devices: An Exploration of the Mechanics of Creative Decision Making PDF
Michael Brown, David Paterson
Developing YouTube Documentaries for Enhancing the National Identity of Egyptian University Students PDF
Mona Ahmed Eid
The Weight of Expatriate Linguistic and Cultural Baggage:  Consequences on 21st Century Training PDF
Shawn Simpson
The Practice of Zhong Yong on Marital Adaptation Process in Taiwan: A Critical Review PDF
Shih-Han Tseng, Tsung-Chian Huang
Stylistics in the EFL World: Points to Ponder PDF
Suhair Al Alami
The Healing of a Relational Trauma: A Case Study of a Young Adult Who Witnessed Domestic Violence in Taiwan PDF
Wu, Dong-Yann, Huang, Tsung-Chain
Learning of L1 Incongruent Collocations - Comparing Corpus-based Learning and Traditional Learning and their Combination PDF
Yi-ju (Ariel) Wu