2013 Orlando Presentations

Business & Economics and Management

The impact of Interest Rate Volatility on Stock Returns Volatility Empirical Evidence from Pakistani Markets ORL13-106
Aftab Alam and Haseebullah
An Empirical Investigation On Leadership Styles Applied For Global Brand Management Of Multinational Organizations In The United States ORL13-111
Depoo,T. &Shanmuganathan, G.D.
Collective Success or Collective Failure? The Sialkot Football Manufacturing Industry’s Response to International Labor Standards Pressures ORL13-129
Fayyaz, Anjum
Layoff Perceptions: A Cross-Cultural Analysis ORL13-139
Priscilla Fabregas and Toni DiDona
An Investigation into Facebook and its Relationship with Interpersonal Skills ORL13-140
Arleena B. Mims, Llanette L. Llanes, Toni Didona
Climbing the Corporate Ladder to Moral Dissonance ORL13-141
Llanette L. Llanes, Arleena B. Mims, Bridgette K. Gunn and Toni Didona
Does Culture and Other Non-Economic Factors Affect People’s Saving Behavior? An Experiment Carried in China and the US ORL13-147
Xiaojia Zhang
Socialization of Recently Hired Hispanic Employees ORL13-151
Meily Perez, Toni M. DiDona, and Marietta Suarez
Is there a Motherhood Wage Penalty for Highly-Skilled Women? ORL13-172
Dalit Gafni, Erez Siniver
Some reasons why the teaching and application of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is failing ORL13-178
Eliasib Naher Rivera Aya
France, Germany and the United States: How do these countries face youth unemployment in an era of economic decline through training and education? ORL13-184
Hae Na Kim
The Impact Of Chinese National Culture On Business Culture And Ict Use ORL13-199
Leida Chen
Work Intensity And Long Work Hours: Consequences On Employee Work Outcomes And Well-Being ORL13-200
Parbudyal Singh, Ronald Burke, Janet Boekhorst
The Impact Of Malaysian Government-Linked Investment Companies On The Performance And Earnings Management Of Their Portfolio Companies ORL13-214
Amiruddin Muhamed
The Economic Relations Between The USA-Azerbaijan And Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Project ORL13-237
Nuri Ok, Sinan Kocaman
A Management and Organization Workshop on TUSKON Members SMEs in Holland  ORL13-241
Selim Özdemir, Ömer Faruk Ünal
Autoregressive Modeling of CFA Franc Zone’s Exchange Rate and Foreign Direct Investment ORL13-242
Adil H. Elsharif, Shekar Shetty
A Research On Organizational Learning Capacity In Public University Hospitals In Turkey ORL13-245
Mehmet Mete,  Ömer Faruk Ünal, Mehmet Karahan 
Old Age Financial Security of the Informal Sector ORL13-243
Saidatulakmal Mohd
Operations Strategy in E-business Operations ORL13-260
Sanjay Jharkharia

Education and Teaching

Fostering and Managing Curriculum Change in Physical Education A Scottish Perspective ORL13-108
Justine MacLean
Perceptions Before and After Taking an Adult Education Class Focusing on Gender Issues ORL13-132
S. Michelle Cox
Development of an Educational Audit Tool as a means to ensure the quality and standard of Work-based Learning (WBL) Practice Placement ORL13-148
Abdool Qaiyum Mohabuth
Effect Of Simulation Games And Computer Assisted Instruction On Performance In Primary Science ORL13-162
Olubola Sowunmi and Francisca Aladejana
Impact Of Web Technologies On Student-Lecturer Referent Power Relationship ORL13-164
Saeed Alshahrani, Rupert Ward, Martyn Walker
Living Action Research Online: Igniting Action Research Principles and Practices in Course Content and Design ORL13-166
Morgan Gardner, Roberta F. Hammett
A Critical Exploration of Partnership in Participatory Action Research: Insights for Educational Contexts ORL13-167
Morgan Gardner
Predicting Academic Performance: Executive Functions, Metacognition,Study Strategies, and Self-Efficacy ORL13-174
Nasar Said
Efficiency of the Strategy of Thinking-Based Questions in Developing Skills of Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking when Dealing with Literary Texts by Students of Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University ORL13-181
Ebtesam Abbas M. Afshi

The Sources of Electronic Readings and Their Favorite Fields for the Faculty of Education's Students

The efficiency of proposed activities to develop some of human rights concepts that were mentioned in the primary school curriculums of social and national educations ORL13-202
Fawzah  M.N.  AL dosari
Hybrid Learning Cloud Platform with Private Cloud Platforms and Public Cloud Platforms for Smart Learning ORL13-228
KwangSik Chung, Wen-Hao David Huang
“Walking on Water”An exploration of the University of Johannesburg Heads of Department’s experiences and perceptions of the University’s Performance Management System ORL13-232
SE Seyama

Humanities and Social Sciences

Conversions and Diversions in the Poetry of Robert Frost ORL13-109
Salwa Nugali
Sylvia Plath: a Poet of the Personal or "I" ORL13-150
Suzanne A. Wazzan
Securitization of Energy through the Lenses of Copenhagen School ORL13-155
Sezer Özcan
Work-Family role conflict among academic women in Nigerian Public Universities ORL13-158
Christiana, O. Ogbogu

The students counseling needs and relationship to their educational level atPrincess NourabintAbdulrahman University

Aljawharh Ibrahim Alsukeh
The Relationship between Male and Female Intellectuals:Questions of Feminist Discourse ORL13-189
Hamed Al-Belayhed
The Activities Of The Azerbaijani Diaspora In The United States Of America ORL13-222
Ramazan Uslu, Sinan Kocaman
Animated Graphic Film for the Rejuvenation Of a Fading African Culture: the Case of an Igbo Heritage ORL13-212
Toni Duruaku
Arabic Poetry in the Context of Comparative Literature Studies: The poem Modern Model ORL13-233
Muhammad Abdullah ALMUBARAK